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Comfee Heart Period Relief Device

How to use your Comfee Heart
Simply plug in your cords and attach your sticky pads. Attach to the area in most pain, generally above the overies or below the belly button on each side. Turn on the device from the unit and direct from the unit or remote. You should feel ease almost instantly.
How does Comfee Heart work?
The electrical current stimulates nerve cells that block the transmission of pain signals. This changes the way you perceive pain, esentially 'turnning off' the signal that lets you know you are in pain. The electrical current also releases endorphins (your body’s natural pain-killing chemicals), which then trigger your body’s pain-relieving power so you feel better even after the device is removed.
My menstrual pains are really bad. Will Comfee Heart work?
Absolutely! Comfee Heart can eliminate strong menstrual pains and provides significant relief, even in the most severe cases. And if for some reason you don’t get the relief you need, you have 120 days to return your Comfee Heart for a full refund.
What ages can use Comfee Heart?
Comfee Heart can be used for ages 16+ any younger users should seek medial advice first to make sure it is suitable for them.
How long does it take to start working?
Almost instantly! There are lots of levels and settings so find the right one for you that feels good and stops the pain.
How long can I wear it?
Comfee Heart has been designed to wear all day. With the remote control you can adjust to your levels without having to touch the device and draw attention to the fact you have your period. Perfect for those who prefer to be discreet.
Is Comfee Heart safe to use?
Yes! We are fully approved by the FDA and also on the ARTG which is the Australian and New Zealand equivalent. If for any reason you feel unwell or aren't sure, please see a Dr.
What are the contraindications?
Anyone with a pacemaker or epilepsy should not use a TENS product. If you are at anytime unsure, please talk to a Dr or medical professional. We are happy to also help where we can.
Can you use Comfee Heart for muscle pain elsewhere?
Yes! Comfee Heart although designed to suit period pain can be used anywhere on the body for nerve, joint and muscle pain. Do not use directly over heart, thoat or genitals.

Period Cup

How long can I wear my period cup?
No longer than eight hours and should be cleaned and emptied three times over the course of 24 hours.
How much fluid can my period cup hold?
Period cup can hold up to 15ml of menstrual fluid
Can I exercise and do water-based activities wearing my period cup?
As long as you have inserted your period cup correctly there should be no leakage! This means you can exercise, swim and sleep with no worries of leakage.
Can I have sex wearing my period cup?
Sadly, this is not possible as it sits low on your vaginal cavity and sex is not possible with it in. Please take note that this is not a contraceptive device.
Could I be allergic to my period cup?
Only if you have a silicone allergy! Which is inherently very rare, and silicone has seen use in healthcare for over half a century so most likely you should be fine! If you are having discomfort or are worried, see a healthcare professional.
How often should I replace my period cup?
Looking after your cup will help it last longer however be on the watch for signs of deterioration, including discoloration, odor, if it becomes covered by a sticky or powdery film. If you notice any of these signs, or if you experience irritation, replace your period cup

Typically, we’d recommend replacing your cup at least once a year.
I have an inserted contraceptive (IUD) will this effect my period cup?
Your period cup is worn low in your vagina and away from your cervix, so it should not interfere with your IUD. However, please be cautious when using your menstrual cup as there is still a chance that it could dislodge your IUD.

Please consult with your health care provider if you have concerns or questions about using a menstrual cup in combination with your IUD.
What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare, but serious disease caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. In extremely rare cases, TSS may occur due to the use of internal menstrual care products. Symptoms of TSS include: sudden vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headache, a sunburn-like rash, muscle aches, confusion or seizures.
I've bought a new period cup, what should I do with my old one?
To dispose of your period cup, wash it and cut it up into small pieces. Silicon recycling facilities are not well set up in most regions and is relatively niche. However, given that silicon is made from sand, it will start to break down eventually.